The d20 Team

Board game cafes started popping up around the UK and, as keen board gamers, Bardcommander, chigs and Supermaz visited them. However, these cafes were few and far between and they all wished there was one closer to home. They soon realised that they could be the ones to bring board gaming to Hertfordshire, and actually work in an industry where their passions lie. After a year of researching, securing loans, chasing solicitors and Kickstarter funding, the dream became a reality.


Bardcommander and chigs

Bardcommander first laid eyes upon chigs in a dingy female toilet in 2006. The first thing she ever said to chigs was, "excuse me, your skirt is tucked into your knickers." Eternally indebted, chigs has tolerated Bardcommander's friendship ever since. They formed an unshakeable bond when they completed Golden Axe on the Megadrive together. Their shared love of video games led them to LAN parties and eventually, they were introduced to the secret identity game, Werewolves of Millers Hollow. Hooked, they continued to play board games at gaming events until eventually, they left their PCs at home and brought board games wherever they went.

chigs and Supermaz

chigs and Supermaz were in the same year at school. They barely spoke to each other, although Supermaz did make chigs "Top 5 Dishy Lads List" circa Year 8. Little did chigs know, but Supermaz had his eye on her. On a fateful night out in 2013, with "Blurred Lines" playing in the background, Supermaz took chigs in his arms and kissed her, and the rest, they say, is history. chigs was astonished to learn that, after all these years, she did not know that Supermaz was an avid gamer and board game geek like herself. Poor Supermaz did not know many people that liked board games. chigs introduced him to LAN parties and together, they delved further into the world of gaming and never looked back.

Supermaz and Bardcommander

Supermaz and Bardcommander bonded through mutual bullying of chigs and a love of board games. Without knowing it they both shared dreams of one day owning thier own board game cafes. Thrilled upon this discovery they began to to travel the UK visiting Board Game Cafes, for research purposes only of course. Once the wheels where in motion there was no stopping them!

Special thanks

We had a lot of help making the dream of d20 Board Game Cafe come to life, and we want to thank them all.

Firstly we want to thank our family, we certainly couldn’t have even come close to doing this without you. We want to say thanks for;

Stephen Page – For supporting me not only financially but in every way possible. Also for letting me shout at you during renovations!
William Chin - for taking 30 years of abuse on the Chin, and doing the tiling
Antoni Karaiskos – For not just your financial support, but for always being there when I need you.
Stella Costas – For being the first one to brave the wobbley scaffold boards and being the crazy mothership that you are.
Stavros Karaiskos - For giving us your collection of games you amassed over the years. You know they'll get played more with us!
Daniel Chin - For being supportive and forcing me to hone my Patchwork skills
Miles Page – For having faith in us and planning our worldwide domination


The vital cogs in our dream machine;

Philip Cook @ Stimpsons - For your intangible patience with us
Jessica Cornish and Chris James @ Borelase & Co Solicitors – For graciously dealing with our borderline harassment
Mick Dobson @ Wenta – For your expert business advice and support. For your cheeky favours and generally making us believe we could make this happen.
John Lovell @ Start Up Loans - For making a swift and easy process more enjoyable.


We also want to say thanks to;

Becci Peverill - For your perpetual excitement and giving us all your free time.
Danny Johnson – For your generous donation of board games and your 18 years practical experience.
Gary Stoneman – For you time and generosity. Well…
Ben Mills – For taking the time to give us feedback about our Kickstarter your generous board game donations.
Paul Buttle - For making this glorious website and being lovely.
Tom Mason – For helping us host it… and being reasonable.
Mais Hatam & Josh Wilding – For helping us bring Raoul to life!
Jeremy Bulaun, Jason Lee Pack and Canadian cousins! – For hauling precious board game finds across the pond.
St Albans Board Game Club, Borehamwood Board Games Club, Dice Club, The Northwest London Gaming Group and Hemel Hempstead Games Club – For introducing us to great games and for all the fund we’ve had with you.
Board Game Trading and Chat UK Facebook group: For the wonderful community, great feedback and being a great place to buy more games!
epic.LAN – For being the most epic of LANs. www.epiclan.co.uk
Dice Cup, Paradice, Sugar and Dice and Chance and Counters – For all your Kickstarter and other advice.
Modiphius Games and the creators of Stak Bots and Hexagony – For sharing your fantastic games with us.


We couldn't have done all of this without our lovely Kickstarter backers! You know who you are... but we wanna thank y'all anyway <3

Sue Metherell
The Ludoquist
Elena, Lee and Max Marzorati
Riyas izzedeen
Big Bad Overlord (bigbadoverloard.com)
Saf & Q
Henry “Henners“ Hulme
Kerrie Farmer
Will “Spartacus“ Harding
Thomas Richard Mason, Esq.
Becci Peverill
Lee M
Greg Minor
Chris Hall
Karen Gaskell
George Voinquel
Rebecca Dunne
TROVE BOX (www.trovebox.co.uk) as applies.
Sarah Voinquel
Martin bai
Daniel Chin
Chris 'D3TH' McCafferty
The Clarke Family, LB.
Jessica 'Mintopia' Smith
S Dang
Rob “Fish“ Tudor
Chris Davies
Ben 'Beej' Hurford
Bez Shahriari
Wayne Stevens
James Olney, rightful ruler of Cimmeria, king of thieves, champion of the people and object of desire of women everywhere.
Victor Tan
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David Kirkham
Rob Wright (GiveMeANameX)
Adam Thoume
Shades of Vengeance
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Matt Woodhams
Seb Clarke
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Vince Lammas
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Evan and Jason from Toronto, Canada
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Paul and Samantha Gilmartin
Nancy and Henry Jaramillo
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Chris Karaiskos and Nikki Cole
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Grace Lee-Yan
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The Foster Family
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Philip & Eleanor Croft
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Natalie and Nick
Rebecca & Jed Ellery
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Bruce 'M0RT' Cunnington
The London Board Games Company
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