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Covid 19 Response.

Greetings good patrons of d20!

In line with new government advice, d20’s doors are closed to customers. Going forward we will continue d20 as a solely online business. But how I hear you cry?! Well, we shall tell you! We plan on bringing our events and communities online so you can get that d20 fuzzy feeling at home! Join our online Discord community to keep in-touch. Also keep an eye on our weekly calendar for upcoming online events.


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How does it work?

Board game cafes are just like regular cafes, but with board games!

Grab a group of friends, take a seat at one of our custom board game tables and choose a game from our selection of over 900 games!

Once you start playing a game there is a cover charge that is applied per person. Learn more here

Do I need to book?

If you want to come in during the evening or at the weekend you will almost certainly need to book. Booking is really easy so we always recommend it.

You can book over the phone on

01923 800 420

Or on our website here

What food do you have?

We try to cater for a variety of diets, tastes and lifestyles. Our menu has many vegetarian and vegan options and we provide gluten free, wheat free and dairy free alternatives at no extra cost.

We also pride ourselves on our range of hot, soft, blended, alcoholic and house-prepared drinks, watch out for seasonal drink specials!

Check out our full menu here.