Adventurers League Update:
RECAP: It was great to see so many of you at session 1 on Sunday and then Wednesday and it was a really great start to the season, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Big thank you to our devoted DMs and our veteran players for running the sessions and helping everything go smoothly.

Just a quick clarification on adventure rewards for AL
Adventure Checkpoints (ACPs): Players could have earned up to 4 ACP from the launch party AND from session 1.
Levelling up requires 4 ACP between levels 1-4, so it is possible for players to now have reached level 3.
For every 2 ACP players receive 5 days of downtime, for every 4 ACP players receive 1 point of renown (fame).
If a player levels up, for every level between 1-4 they receive 75 gold pieces.
Treasure Checkpoints (TCPs): Again, players could have earned up to 8 treasure checkpoints by this points. Treasure checkpoints can be store for use later and spent on magic items, services and and consumables.

For more info consult the Players Guide.

DOWNTIME: The next session is on Sunday 19th of May and repeated again on the 22nd. There are a few things you can do with the downtime you have accumulated between sessions. Players will have accumulated between 5 and 20 days of downtime (5 days for every 2 ACP).

Downtime activities include things like learning and preparing new spells, foraging, listening out for rumours, making trinkets and buying new items. Downtime activities can be find in the AL players guide and in the PhB.

If you died, or contracted a disease during the session (like Lycanthropy) you need to use gold/TCPs and downtime to become cured. This can be done with the spell Remove Curse which is a 3rd level spell. Spell scrolls and services can be bought and used and it’s up to you to work out the best way to remove the disease. You must remove the disease to continue playing.

Finally, you may have unlocked the Wand of secrets, if your group found the wand it is considered unlocked for your character and you may purchase it for 8TCP.

Please ask or refer to the Players guide if you are unsure!

ADMIN: The league is proving really popular and a big hit! We want to provide the best play experience for players and for DMs and accommodate as many players as want to play at each session. We have already had 40 people sign-up to the league and so are hitting our weekly capacity.
That being said we are now increasing our capacity to allow more players to be a able to play each week! With an extra table at both Sundays and Wednesdays 5 more players will be able to play but this is as always dependant on willing DMs.

Assuming that we get enough DMs to run 5 tables per session more spaces will go up on our website but if you are interested please do get in touch. DMs don’t pay for sessions and are rewarded both in-game and in-store for their time, please ask for more details if you are at all interested.

I want to thank you, the community, again especially the DMs who make AL possible. Adventure awaits!


Starting from this week we will be asking you as players to grab a DCI number and let us know what it is. The reason for this is so we can show the big bosses at Wizards (the people who make Dungeons and Dragons) that we have an active D&D community and they can support us as a store.

As a reward for doing a little admin for us, for a limited time anyone who gets (and registers) a DCI number gets 1 free ticket redeemable in our prize pool! Thanks in advance!

Pick up a DCI card in store now or on Sunday and register online here: Takes about 5 minutes!

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