Adventurers League Season 8 (Waterdeep) is well underway at d20 and session 2, “Beneath the City of the Dead” was a great little Dungeon crawl with a nice twist in its tale. Join us for session 3, DDAL 08-03 “Dock Ward Double-Cross” where ‘You’ve been set up. However, the man you were set against is more than willing to forgive and forget, if you are willing join forces to seek a terrible vengeance.’ Part Three of the Umbral Aristocracy Trilogy.

(Skip to the bottom if you came for that sweet sweet Magic item unlock)

Remember to book well ahead of time. If the event is booked on the website then please do not assume there will be space. Please ring the cafe on 01923 800 420 for further enquiries. Follow us on Facebook here to see when and if more tickets become available.

Season schedule

People often ask about the structure of the season and when more sessions will become available to book, I can confirm that session 8 consists of 18 sessions in total and we plan to run them all. The sessions come in trilogies usually named after whatever theme they most closely follow. For instance sessions 1, 2 and 3 are parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Umbral Aristocracy Trilogy.
We will continue to run sessions every two weeks for six sessions as follows:

  • Session 1: Sunday May 5
    • Session 1 repeat: Wednesday May 8
  • Session 2: Sunday May 19
    • Session 2 repeat: Wednesday May 22
  • Session 3: Sunday June 2
    • Session 3 repeat: Wednesday June 5
  • Session 4: Sunday June 16
    • Session 4 repeat: Wednesday June 19
  • Session 5: Sunday July 7
    • Session 5 repeat: Wednesday July 10
  • Session 6: Sunday July 21
    • Session 6 repeat: Wednesday July 24

There will then be a summer break over August where we will not be running any Adventurers League sessions. Keep an eye out for one-shots or other RPG events during August.
After the summer break we will resume running another 6 adventure block, made up of 2 trilogies, until a Christmas break at the end of December.
This is all subject to change and dependant on the quantity, willingness and availability of Dungeon Masters.

Have you considered being a Dungeon Master?

As mentioned, we always need more Dungeon Masters (DMs) to run AL sessions in the cafe and we want to encourage some of our more regular players to get involved as DMs as part of the community.
If there is something holding you back, we’d love to hear from you to know how we can encourage you to take the plunge.
In the past we have run ‘Learn to DM’ sessions and could run AL specific sessions for budding DMs, tell us what you think.
Currently there are a number of incentives in place for DMs to run sessions at AL:

  • DMs do not pay for the sessions that they DM
  • DMs receive a menu item and a hot or soft drink while DMing a session
  • DMs earn one free AL session as a player for every session they DM
  • DM earn the same in-game rewards (ACP, TCP…) for DMing as the players in their sessions*
  • Play resources and session notes can be provided well in advance for DMs offereing to DM in advance.

*More AL rules apply to the distribution of ACP to a single character.

Death, Debt and Resurrection.

Luckily, in Adventurers League. Death isn’t the end! If your character dies during a session, there are a few things you can do to keep death safely on the other side of the door.

I made this handy flowchart to help those suffering with anything from a minor to a serious case of death. In terms of casting the appropriate spell, I’ll leave that for you to work out! I recommend checking out the Players Guide, spell casting services and spell scroll costs. Good luck to those unfortunate enough to die.

Thanks for getting DCI numbers!

We really appreciate anyone who has registered a Wizards account online and given us their DCI number. A few people have ask us why they need DCI numbers to play Adventures League which is a fair question. To be very frank, players don’t really benefit directly from registering online and submitting their DCI to us HOWEVER by registering players in store every time they play D&D (and Magic the Gathering) the big-wigs at Wizards of the Coast (who make D&D and MtG) can see that we have a thriving community.
It is our hope that by growing and evidencing our community we can continue to receive support and rewards from Wizards.
Thank you for your help!

Unlocked items:

After DDAL08-02 The following new item has been unlocked:

But did you know, there are already several items unlocked! These are known as evergreen items. There are also items that are season specific that are also unlocked for season 8. Use the tables below to work out what you can afford and when you can afford it!

Happy Adventuring!

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