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Here you can find information on all our other card games & tabletop mini game events with upcoming community interest. Currently our regular games are Lorcana, Marvel Champions, Pokemon & Bushiroad card games, with growing interest in X-Wing. You’ll find other game specific events here from time to time.

Below are all the helpful links you’ll need for each game and a contact section where you can ask questions and get in touch. Most importantly where you’ll book in to those events!


Lorcana Discord Channel

Lorcana Facebook Group

d20 Discord Pokemon Channel

Pokemon Facebook Group

Marvel Champions Facebook Group


Lorcana runs alternate Wednesdays at both Uxbridge and Watford  running a league, drafts and constructed tournament events. Both bracnhes are OP stores and give out prizes and promos at events.

Pokemon currently runs in our Watford branch on the last Thursday of the month and Wednesdays at Uxbridge. We have recently started a Pokemon league and passed our professor test so we are hoping the community will continue to grow.

Marvel Champions is hosted at our Uxbridge branch on most Monday and has a small but steady community. This is a great game for people looking to get into card games as it is cooperative and beginner friendly.

Event Pricing

League nights: £5 for the event. Promos/Prizes included.

Constructed Tournaments:£10-£15 prizes depending on event. Participation packs, prizes & promos included.

Drafts: £25-£30 depending on event. Participation packs, prizes & promos included.

Casual events: £1 an hour per person

You can find which events are running by checking the above socials, or our monthly event calendars on our d20 Uxbridge and d20 Watford pages. This is also where you can book yourself on to your desired event.

For event bookings, first select the day of the event, and then use the drop-down menu to select the event you would like to book.


This are growing communities so the groups tend to be small but very welcoming! By attending these events you can help grow these communities and bring your favourite game to d20. If you have any questions about these events you can speak to our event organisers Mario, Page, Michelle & Adam.





If you think you would like to help run any of these events, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Talk to Michelle or Page, otherwise you can contact the cafe directly via socials, phone or email.


Helpful links

Game info


Wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble your team of Disney characters. Some characters will be familiar friends. Others will be fantastically reimagined! 

Marvel Champions 

Jump into the Marvel Universe with Marvel Champions: The Card Game, a cooperative Living Card Game® for one to four players!


Become a Pokémon trainer and use your Pokémon to battle your opponent! Knock out 6 of your opponents Pokémon to claim your victory and become the very best!

Collecting Guide:

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