June promises to be another month crammed with goodies and something for everyone. When a month has 5 weekends we like to put on something a bit different and June is no exception: Join us on the 30th of June for a Dominion store championship. We are also looking to support a Pokémon TCG community in the cafe and if you are interested we’ll see you on the 24th June. Not forgetting cafe staples like Keyforge (new set launch party on the 3rd), Magic the Gathering (Open House and Modern Horizons), Star Wars: Destiny and X-Wing, D&D Adventurers League and many more!

Some events have ticketed entry: Check here for more details.

Above is the calendar for the current month but we run an assortment of events that you can expect to be running every week and month.

Regular Events

  • Nintendo Switch Meets – Every other Monday and Thursday
  • Magic the Gathering – Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
  • Star Wars X-Wing – Mondays
  • Open Gaming: Play new games with new people! – Tuesdays
  • Star Wars Destiny – Wednesdays
  • Keyforge – Every other Wednesday
  • d20 Plays: Learn a new game with us – Thursdays
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Casual Play – Every Sunday
  • Paint Knight: Paint minis! – First and third Sundays
  • Adventurers League: D&D 5e Campaigns – First and third Sundays and the following Wednesday
  • Social Deduction Nights: Lie your socks off! – Every other Thursday
  • Magical Mischief Show – Second Sunday
  • Themed Quiz – Fourth Sunday
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