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Planning Your Visit
While You’re Here
Food and Drinks

Planning Your Visit

When are you open?

Check each individual branch for their opening times. The branch locator can be found here.

Check beforehand for special closings and opening hours.

Do I need to book?

If you want to come in during the evening or at the weekend you will almost certainly need to book. Booking is really easy, so we always recommend it.

How do I book a table?

You can book a few different ways:

Book in person in the café

You can book over the phone

Or via the online booking page on each branches page.

What events do you have?

All sorts! Each location has it’s own calendar of event, check out the page of the cafe you are going to!

How do I book a space at one of your events?

The same way you would book a table, just specify that you are coming to one of the events.

If I’m coming on an event day, do I have to attend the event?

Not at all, most of our events only take up a few tables at the café, in that case you can simply book a table and turn up as normal.

Watch out for our big ticketed events like the Christmas Party or Tabletop day where the café is fully booked out for events.

Can I book the whole cafe?

Normally, you can book a table for up to 10 people at Watford or 8 people at Uxbridge through our online booking forms. For bigger groups or private functions, check out our party package page for information and pricing.

We have small kitchens at both cafes so for big groups wanting to eat at the same time you might need to consider the party buffet options.


How do I get there?

The branch locator can be found here. Each page has these details on it’s page.

Is there parking?

The branch locator can be found here. Each page has these details on it’s page.

What is your accessibility?

The branch locator can be found here. Each page has these details on it’s page.

Accompanying Personal Assistants do not pay cover charge, please let us know if that applies.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes! Only well-behaved pooches please.

Are there age limits?

Those under 12 must always be accompanied by an adult.

Those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at our events.

We serve alcohol on some premises and operate a Look 25 policy.

Those under 4 are not charged and there are baby changing facilities and highchairs available upon request.

While You’re Here

How does a board game cafe work?

Board game cafés are just like regular cafés, but with board games!

Grab a group of friends, make a booking ahead of time and head over. Take a seat at one of our custom board game tables and choose a from our huge selection of games. Once you start playing a game there is a cover charge that is applied per person, per hour. 

Are there always people to play games with?

Most people come as part of a group and play games as a private group and so on a normal basis you can’t assume there will be a game to join.

HOWEVER, we run lots of events and this is the best way to meet new people! Most notably is Open Gaming evenings. Opening gaming is a time for anyone to turn up and play games with anyone else that turns up and there is an emphasis on inclusivity.

Are there any rules? What are they?

Normal café etiquette applies, as in no food fights, no actual fights and respecting those around you but being a board game café, we have some special rules that apply to our library of games.

They are as follows:

  1. Put board games back where they belong. Refer to the labelled code.
  2. Make sure all pieces go back in to the box neatly – including baggies and rubber bands.
  3. No more than two board games per group at a time.
  4. Clean hands please! Napkins and lemon fresh wipes are at the end of the bar.
  5. Be considerate of other gamers around you.

If you aren’t following the rules you will first be reminded politely that there are rules, if you continue to break the rules you may be asked to put games back, anyone found continuously and deliberately, directly or indirectly causing damage to games in the board game library may be asked to leave.

Thank you!

Food and Drinks

What food do you have?

We try and cater for all diets, tastes and lifestyles. Our huge menu has many vegetarian and vegan options and we provide gluten free, wheat free and dairy free alternatives at no extra cost.

We also pride ourselves on our range of hot, soft, blended, alcoholic and house-prepared drinks, watch out for seasonal drink specials!

At most locations we also have weekly food and dessert specials, cooked in-house, check that locations menu page or specials board in the café for details.

Can I bring my own food?

We serve a full menu of food and drinks with a wide range of starters, mains and desserts and sell snacks in-house. You will not be allowed to eat and drink any of your own food inside the café.

If arranged in advance you may be allowed to bring food to cater to very specific dietary requirements, subject to our discretion. Please contact us via email to arrange.

What about any dietary requirements?

We cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements. Our menu includes several vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. A lot of our food is made to order so please do specify if you would like something made a specific way.

You must let your server know about any allergies or special requirements when ordering and we will try and cater for you. Although every care is taken, we cannot guarantee the total absence of allergens in our dishes.

Please be aware that all our dishes are prepared in the same area so there is some small risk of cross-contamination of allergens.

Even birthday cake?

You are welcome to bring a birthday cake to celebrate a birthday in the café. Please do not bring other party food as you will be told you cannot eat it.

We also sell bespoke birthday cakes given a week’s notice. We can also cater for allergies and dietary requirements. Have a look at our cakes page for more info.


What games do you have?

We have a huge variety of games! We have categories such as; Party, Trivia, Light Strategy, Adult, Card and Dice, Kids and Family, Strategy, 2-Player, Adventure and Heavy Strategy.

Find a full list of games on check out each location list

Can I play my own games?

Of course! We even actively encourage it, come and play CCG’s like Magic: The Gathering, Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or bring in a board game and you’ll only pay £1 an hour per person.

Do you know how to play all the games?!

No. If you played one game every day for 2 years, then you still wouldn’t have played all our games! Then by the time you finished them all we’d have got in another couple of hundred games for you to play!

Some of our staff can teach hundreds of games off the top of their heads and help you with the rules of many more.

Combined we have over 1500 games and get new games all the time!

I have a question about a specific game, can you help?

It depends on the game. Please do get in touch!


Do you sell games?

Yes! We sell a good few of our favourites in each store, Watford being our biggest shop. This includes big and small box games, booster packs for card games, board game expansions, books, cards, dice and much more.

Which games do you sell?

Our shop is changing all the time and we are always getting the newest games in when we can. If you are looking for a specific game let us know and we might be able to order it in for you, subject to availability.

Do you sell games online?

We have taken a break from our online store but do still offer the occasional preorder or special items.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes! We sell gift vouchers in store or in our online shop.

Gift vouchers can be picked up in store or sent out by post.


Can I become a member?

Yes! For £150 a year you can become a member of d20. Couples (not necessarily romantic ones!) can get a joint one for £250. We sell memberships in our online shop.

What do members get?

Memberships last for a whole year and mean that you never pay cover charge for playing games at the café.

Members also get 10% off food and drink purchases at the café.

Finally, members get special member prices to our ticketed events.

Can I have a job?

We are a small business and don’t hire often but we’d love to hear from you if you think you would be a good fit. If you are interested, please e-mail your CV to your local d20 or email

What is objectively the best game?

Dominion. It’s called Dominion, look it up.

Or maybe Dungeons and Dragons…

^ This is according to Andrew. He is wrong. It’s Articulate all the way!!

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