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This is the place for everything to do with Magic the Gathering at d20. Below you will find updates about the latest events, the newest Magic products, and community news. You’ll also find a list of helpful links that can help you get involved with the Magic community at d20 and help make sense of some of the wider Magic community. Lastly, you’ll find a contact section where you can ask questions and get in touch.


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    FRIDAY 8th October - Casual - 6:00pmSUNDAY 10th October - Commander - 4:00pmFRIDAY 15th October - Pioneer Pre-cons - 6:00pmFRIDAY 22nd October - Pioneer Constructed - 6:00pmFRIDAY 29th October - LYLGS - 6:00pmSUNDAY 31st October - Commander Halloween Party - 4:00pm
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    For our larger ticketed events check out their events page.

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    Here is a rundown of our events in the next month.


    Friday 1st – Innistrad Midnight Hunt Draft! See event above, must book tickets in advance.

    Friday 8th – Love Your Local Game Store (LYLGS) event – Details to come!

    Sunday 10th – Classic commander events

    Friday 15th – Pioneer pre-cons. New pioneer decks released, lets play them.

    Friday 22nd – Now you’ve got your decks, what will you brew?

    Friday 29th – Casual, bring anything, play anything!

    Sunday 31st – Special commander halloween format! Details to come.

    You NEED to let us know if you are coming to one of these events as space is limited at events for everyone’s safety. Please use the above form and make sure you get a confirmation email. If you have any issues, please either call on 01923 800 420 or email

    Ticketed events may have their own event pages. Check our EVENTS page for more details.


    Check out our shop for a full selection of Magic products and other tabletop games. Products also available in-store!


    Our community is an everchanging group of wonderful people from a wide range of backgrounds. There is a lot of players represented a wide range of formats. We run events most weeks, including Friday night Magic and regular tournament and release events.

    Our events are organised and managed by our lovely team of event organisers:


    Andrew works at the café as a manager and has been playing Magic since War of the Spark (May, 2019) and is still a relatively new player. He plays Standard and Commander, and his favourite format is Draft. His Guild is GRUUL! Be sure to talk to him if you have any questions about the community.

    There are other event organisers, just need to ask their permission before putting them on the website, watch this space!

    If you think you would like to help run Magic events, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Talk to Andrew or contact the cafe directly.

    Helpful links


    d20 Magic Facebook Group

    d20 Discord, check out the Magic and Commander channels. 


    Casual – Casual events are what you might expect. There is no prescribed format and no tournament structure. You’ll usually find a mix of formats being played, most commonly Commander. If you want to play a specific format, be sure to communicate with other players ahead of time so they know what to bring. Casual events typically only cost the concession charge for playing games, which you can find out more about here. We might give out promos but there are no prizes given out at casual events.

    Commander: Commander is Magic’s most popular multiplayer format. More info here:

    Standard: The simplest way to play with only the newest cards. More info here:

    Draft: Create a smaller deck by passing packs and play games. More info here:

    Sealed: Create a deck from 6 sealed packs and play games. More info here:

    Pioneer/Modern/Legacy/Vintage: Games played with decks constructed from a portion of the cards available in Magic’s history. More info here:

    Pauper: Games played with decks constructed from only common rarity cards. More info here:

    And many more!

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