Keyforge Store Championship Event – Saturday 26th October


1 Ticket for the Keyforge Store Championship. 2 Deck Sealed Survival. Elimination Tournament.

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It’s time to officially crown a Store Champion for d20. Everything has been leading to this! The format will be 2 Deck Sealed Survival. This is an Elimination Tournament. Every participant will receive 2 Sealed decks, choose one, and play it until they lose. Once they do, they are no longer allowed to play with that deck, and they must continue playing with their second deck. Once that deck has lost, they are out. Play goes on until there is one deck surviving over all others!
This will go to a maximum of 9 rounds and is an officially sanctioned event, so Æmbershards will be earned by everyone.

We will be open and starting registration at 10:00 AM.
Registration will end at 10:45, for a prompt 11 AM start. Expected time to finish is 6:30 at the latest but this is entirely dependent on how many rounds get played and how long the later rounds last and could finish earlier.
Participation – 5 Æmbershards
Per Game played – 2 Æmbershards
1 win – 2 Æmbershards
2 wins – 5 Æmbershards
3 wins – 8 Æmbershards
4 wins – 8 Æmbershards
5+ wins – 12 Æmbershards
Finalist: 25 Æmbershards
Winner – 40 Æmbershards

The price will be £25 each. Slots are extremely limited and are subject to availability. This Covers the event and the 2 decks each. Prize support will be
Top 32 – Bingle Bangbang Chain Tracker
Top 8 – Bingle Bangbang Deck Box
Top 4 – 5 Acrylic Power tokens, and a Bingle Bangbang Playmat
Winner – Unique Bingle Bangbang Card Sleeves

Event details here: