Here you can find all the information on our Yu-Gi-Oh community! Recently our events have been jam-packed and the community is booming, so we put together this page to have all your Yu-Gi-Oh information in one place. Below you can find out how to book events and how to join in the fun!


Yu-Gi-Oh Facebook Group

d20 Discord Yu-Gi-Oh!  Channel


We run Yu-Gi-Oh at both d20 Uxbridge and d20 Watford branches, both of which are official Konami stores. We run casual dueling most weeks with occasional tournaments, sneak peaks and special events. Yu-Gi-Oh! events happen in  Uxbridge every Thursday at 6pm and in Watford every Sunday at 12pm. 

    You can find which events are running by checking the above Yu-Gi-Oh! groups, or our monthly event calendars on our d20 Uxbridge and d20 Watford pages. This is also where you can book yourself on to your desired event.

    For event bookings, first select the day of the event, and then use the drop-down menu to select the event you would like to book.

    Event Pricing

    Depending on the format and the type of event prices are subject to change. Events that include premium products are likely to be considerably more than other events. A rough guide to our pricing is as follows:

    Casual dueling: £1 per hour per person

    Casual dueling + an OTS Pack: £1 per hour per person + £1 for the OTS pack

    Constructed events: £11 per person (£7 for d20 members) includes OTS, participation booster packs and prize boosters.

    Special constructed events: £13.50 per person (£9.50 for d20 members) includes OTS, participation booster packs and prize boosters.

    Structure Deck Tournaments £16.50 per person (£12.50 for d20 members) includes OTS participation packs and OTS prizes

    All pricing for events is available beforehand and please get in contact or check our social media for more details.

    If you want to come along you will need to book to guarantee yourself a spot as space can be limited at events. Please use the booking form on our d20 Uxbridge and d20 Watford pages and make sure you get a confirmation email. If you have any issues, please either call Watford on 01923 800 420 or Uxbridge on 01895 810 202 or contact us.


    IOur Yu-Gi-Oh! peeps are friendly folk, always welcoming to newcomers and vetrans alike! They’ll always get you involved and help you with deck building and strategies. Pop along on a Thursday or Sunday and join in the fun.

    New to Yu-Gi-Oh! Don’t worry though there is a friendly face here you can always talk to.

    This is Adam W and he works at the Watford cafe as a manager Sunday and has the best knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh! Over in Uxbridge we also have an Adam who runs the events there! You can ask for these two if you need a helping hand, though everyone in the community is welcoming and willing to help!

    Helpful links

    Game info

    The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) is an exciting universe based on a card game played with Monsters, Spells, and Traps. Each player begins a game (known as a Duel) with 8000 Life Points, the object of the game is to use of your cards to reduce your opponents Life Points to 0.


    New player guide: https://img.yugioh-card.com/ygo_cms/ygo/all/uploads/2017_new_player_guide.pdf

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