Like most people, we’ve not been up to much (socially speaking) over the last 18 months or so. Thankfully we seem to have come out of the worst of the pandemic and thought it would be a perfect time to treat ourselves to a board game cafe road trip. Whilst also supporting other businesses in our industry of course!

We set off at midday and first we visited Ready Steady Roll in Bedford, and it was a delight! In a picturesque setting, RSR is the perfect place to grab a game, a coffee and a slice of ethical cake! Each slice of cake purchased goes towards protecting rainforests, so even though it was breakfast time, we treated ourselves to a slab of cookies and cream cake. It was delicious. No regrets!

We were taught so many fun games in our short stay but Battle Sheep was the game that won us over! A very easy to learn game with great strategy, we enjoyed it so much that we now have it in our library to play!

Our second stop at 18:30 was at Chance and Counters Birmingham. As we had been to the one in Bristol our expectations were high and C&C Brum did not disappoint! The resident Games Guru Will is easy to spot as he basically looks like a wizard! Will was so helpful and friendly, as well as offering up some ace game recommendations. You can tell he really knows his stuff!

We played a wonderful game called New York Zoo where we populated our zoo with Meerkats, Penguins, Flamingos and Kangaroos, in this Uwe Rosenberg instant classic!

The Food at C&C was the star. Ording korean cauli wings, tofu tacos, war fries and chilli fries we thought we were being too greedy. However  even after stuffing our bellies we could resist but order another war fries and cauli wings. What a feast!

21:00. Our last stop was at The Dice Box in Leamington Spa. We were running late but they were kind enough to save a table for us anyway! The folks there were really accomodating and they recommended and taught us Calico which was certainly the game highlight of the day!

We were obviously stuffed from the previous cafe but still decided to order tea and cake (well it would have been rude not to!). The apple pie tea was incredible and it was a perfect way to cap off our day.

At 11:30 we finally arrived at our Hotel in Coventry ready for a weekend of Gaming at Epic.LAN Table Top Weekender! We got to see lots of faces we hadn’t seen in a good while as well as play more games than you can shake a dice tower at!

If you ever find yourself nearby to one of these cafes we would certainly advise checking them out, each one had something amazing to offer!

We will certainly let you know when there is another Tabletop weekend, however you can always take a day trip down to Epic.LAN 34 and join in on the board games in the social area. Better than that, bring your gaming PC/Laptop/Console up for a weekend of gaming fun! We’ll certainly be there!

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