This is the one stop shop for everything Keyforge! Here you will find updates about the latest events and any community news. We also have a list of helpful links that can help you get involved with the Keyforge community at d20, we’re a right friendly bunch! Lastly, you’ll find a contact section where you can ask questions and get in touch.


Keyforge Facebook Group

d20 Discord Keyforge channel


Currently we only run Keyforge events are our Watford branch and these events run every other Wednesday. Tables are booked from 18:00 and are open for casual play. Events are a 19:00 prompt start.

You can find which events are running by checking the above Keyforge groups, or our monthly event calendars on our d20 Uxbridge and d20 Watford pages. This is also where you can book yourself on to your desired event.

For event bookings, first select the day of the event, and then use the drop-down menu to select the event you would like to book. If you have any issues, please either call Watford on 01923 800 420 or Uxbridge on 01895 810 202 or contact us.

Event Pricing

Depending on the format and the type of event prices are subject to change. A rough guide to our pricing is as follows:

Casual gaming: £1 per hour per person

Constructed events (No prize support): £5 per person (£3 for d20 members)

Constructed events (With prize support): £7 per person (£4 for d20 members) No prize support.

Sealed: £12 per person.

Championship/Premium events including products, prizes and/or promos: Starts at £18

All pricing for events is available beforehand and please get in contact or check our social media for more details.


The Keyforge crowd at d20 are an inviting group of people who are exceptionally friendly, and always welcoming newbies and veterans alike. Our Keyforge connoisseur and event organiser is Adam:

Adam is the General Manager of our Watford branch and has been with us for 6 years! He has been involved in running and playing Keyforge since it’s release and hasn’t let the facet that the game went out of print slow him down! If you come in for an event he’ll make sure you’re all set up with a game and answer any questions you may have. If you have any feedback or ideas for Keyforge events then let us know! Talk to Adam on your visit or contact the cafe directly.

Helpful links

Game info

Keyforge is the plug and play version of a card game! All you need is one deck and you’re ready to get playing. Race to forge keys in the world’s first Unique Deck Game. No two decks are alike, and no two battles will ever be the same!

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