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This is the place for everything to do with Social Gaming at d20, you don’t need anything for these events, you can just turn up and play! These events are perfect for people who want to expand their gaming circle. Come alone or with a friend and get involved with our social gaming community! Whether you are interested in Open Gaming, Community meetups or Social Deduction including our big games of Blood On The Clocktower and Werewolves, below you will find updates about the latest events and community news. We even have a meetup group for homeschoolers! Lastly, you’ll find a contact section where you can ask questions and get in touch.


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Gaming SocialWhat is Gaming Social? It’s what d20 is all about! If you wanna find other like-minded gaming buddies then then come along and we’ll introduce you to others looking to play a board game. Gaming Social attendees are charged our concession board game cover charge, and meet every Tuesday at Watford and every Monday at Uxbridge.

Blood On The Clocktower – Fancy trying to get away with murder? Or maybe you can spot a liar from a mile off? Then join in our Blood on the Clocktower nights! Blood on the Clocktower is a bluffing game enjoyed by 5 to 20 players on opposing teams of Good and Evil, overseen by a Storyteller player who conducts the action and makes crucial decisions. The goal of the game is to successfully deduce and execute the demons before they outnumber the townfolk.  Attendees are charged our regular board game cover charge and they meet once a month at each cafe.

Vegan Meetup – Wanna meet like-minded people? Maybe you’re vegan-curious? Or perhaps you just wanna play games and eat vegan food! Come along, chat and play games with other vegans at d20 Uxbridge, the all vegan board game cafe. Usually every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Quingle – Our Queer Mignle! Both our cafes are LGBTQIA+ safe spaces with genderless bathrooms. If you wanna find other gaming buddies in the LGQBTQIA+ community then then come along to our Quingle and we’ll introduce you to others and get you playing a game. First Thursday of every month at Watford.

Homeschool Meetups – If you homeschool, come and join our friendly group of homeschoolers for some board games! Children of all ages are welcome. Adults must accompany children under 12. Homeschool meetup attendees are charged our regular board game cover charge, and meet every other Monday at Uxbridge.


Event Pricing

Regular board game cover charge: £2 an hour per person (the 4th hour is free!)

Concession (children under 12, students with valid ID, OAPs, etc.): £1 an hour per person

All our social events are free for d20 members!

You can find which events are running by checking the above social groups, or our monthly event calendars on our d20 Uxbridge and d20 Watford pages. This is also where you can book yourself on to your desired event.

For event bookings, first select the day of the event, and then use the drop-down menu to select the event you would like to book.


Though most people came to their first event alone, our community has it’s regulars now and they are a friendly and very welcoming bunch! New people are joining regularly so don’t be shy to come along and check it out!

Our events are organised and managed by our lovely team of staff & organisers:

From left to right. Page (d20 Watford & Uxbridge) Adam (d20 Watford Manager) Mario & Michelle (d20 Watford & Uxbridge) Plus Some of our lovely staff from Watford and Uxbridge branches.

Shad & Kristian our Blood On The Clocktower moderators.

All our staff can point you in the direction of the event and to any event orgnisers you need to speak to. We’re a friendly bunch so just ask us for anything you need!

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Blood On The Clocktower game informaiton 



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