**** If you are reading this please beware of MINOR SPOILERS for Clank! Legacy ****

If you are still here, you have had your spoiler warning and are reading on at your own risk! Some of the d20 team recently cracked open Clank! Legacy, easily the most anticipated game of 2019. Well it is for us at least.

Clank! or Clank! In! Space! Is a highly debated topic here at d20 but the legacy version has decided to follow the fantasy theme of the original. The first thing you will notice is the size of the box. It’s mahoosive!

Inside you will find some familiar components alongside some new and exciting components. The rules instruct you on which bits of the game you may now peruse, and which bits stay hidden until something tells you to look! The insert provides a glorious layout for all the game components, with ample space for sleeving, as well as snug spots for your character minis. For board game minis these are top notch. They are interesting characters with lots of detail.

After revelling over the box and its components and checking the rules for new additions, we decided it was time to get started. There are some set up changes so make sure to check the rules before diving in. The premise of Clank! Legacy is that you are a party of adventurers looking to franchise with Acquisitions Incorporated, so naturally the first game is you trying to get hired! First things first, you need to name your headquarters!

Johnson, Evans, Waldock and err, Costas P?!

I have to say our first game was better than anticipated! The theme, mechanics and story all play a part to make Clank! Legacy feel like something different and something we really can’t wait to play more of. Even if our collective hearts break every time we have to tear up cards.

If you’re a fan of Clank! legacy games, deck building or just good ol’ fashioned fun, this game is for you. Pick it up at the cafe today for £90 or share the cost with your party for just £22.50 per player!

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