The โ€˜Rule of 6โ€™ comes into effect today. As before, we cannot take bookings of more than 6 people (unless they are all from the same household). Those 6 people can be from multiple households, as long as they do not mix to form larger groups. For more information on the new Government guidelines, see here:

Things we will continue to ask you to do:
– Please use our online booking system so that we have your details to aid in NHS Test and Trace. For same day bookings please call.ย 
– Please wear face coverings when entering and moving around; these can be removed when seated to eat and drink.
– Please remain seated as much as possible โ€“ we will come to take your order and bring your games.
– Please sanitise hands upon entry, before playing games and eating.
– Pay via contactless if possible.

Attending organised events:
– Players must remain in pods of 6 and cannot interact with players outside that pod.
– Your pod will be allocated specific tables which you must stay at.
– Please remain masked when not eating and drinking.

Things we will continue to do:
– Staff will wear masks.
– Tables are spaced 1m+ apart.
– Keep well ventilated with air con in the front and doors and windows open at the back.
– Provide hand sanitiser on each table.
– Quarantine board games for 24 hours between each use.
– Clean tables, chairs, menus etc in between each use and maintain regular cleaning of touch points.

We are pleased that we have received plenty of compliments about our precautions so far and many have commented about how safe they feel with us ๐Ÿ˜Š The new rules suggest that we could potentially start up some of our regular events in pods of 6, so watch this space for Open Gaming to make a welcome return!
As always, thank you to all those who have supported us so far, and we look forward to seeing some of you (distantly!) soon!

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