Since opening we had been going from strength to strength and at the beginning of 2020 we were ready for our expansion. We dubbed it the Year Of d2020! Well as you know that year didn’t exactly go to plan. Nearly 2 years on and we have come back swinging! To say the Pandemic is a tough time for us is an understatement. We didn’t know if our dream was coming to an end and with each lockdown, step and tier we pivoted into something new to keep us going, and with your help we did.

Now we really want to pick up where we left off and had decided to scope out venues in North & West London as well as North Herts and South East Bucks as we wanted to have our next cafes in these areas anyway. After lots of research and a very tight poll, we have decided we can potentially open in both areas. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting Kickstarter coming soon!

So where will the next venues be? Well we are trying not to limit ourselves too much and are being open to most towns in the areas we’ve mentioned, but we specifically have our eye on:

North Herts and South East Bucks:
Welwyn Garden City
High Wycombe

North & West London:

It’s important to find a place that is close to train stations with good connections, as well as nearby parking. Most importantly we want it to have the same welcoming and warm feel as our Watford location with other fantasy themed back areas! We hope to find some places soon, but it’s just a matter of seeing what is available. The perfect place might be available tomorrow, or we could be waiting months!

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Map of the approx area of London where we are looking

Map of the approx area of Herts and Bucks where we are looking

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